I Finally Had Enough & Didn't Know Where to Start

Poor health choices and 2 kids later left Jenny feeling [like an] exhausted, stressed-out mom.  "I worked full time and put everybody else first; my health, along with my self image, self-esteem, and mental attitude went down the tubes.   I tried in-home workouts and I...

Kaia Girl Success Story: Michelle T.

There are those times when the couch occasionally wins out over going to the gym. And then there are those times where you truly find yourself in a fitness funk. If you’ve ever experienced any amount of a lack of fitness motivation, you know that it sometimes takes some extra support, an...

Kaia FIT Granite Bay: Carolyn Javier

"When we committed to the program and to each other we didn’t realize that we would be in the company of so many enouraging, caring and like-minded women from all walks and stages of life who joined for similar reasons. "


Kaia FIT Granite Bay: Carly Reynolds

"Their simple act of showing up, regardless of their own stories of what got them there, is such a gift to me that the least I can do is show up and be present for them as well."


Kaia FIT Granite Bay: Jessica Reller

"I really needed to find something to kick things up a notch. I found Kaia FIT Granite Bay through Facebook, and have heard about it through friends who have signed up in the past."


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