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Try Kaia FIT to Make the Most of Womens Fitness in Granite Bay

At Kaia FIT, we believe in empowering women to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. We provide women with their own space to exercise in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment where everyone feels welcome and challenged according to their individual fitness level and goals. We have served thousands of women in our 40 locations, helping them lose fat, build muscle, improve their eating habits, and develop healthy and motivational relationships with like-minded women.

We are far from just another gym – we focus on physical and mental well-being and healthy overall lifestyle changes that benefit you now and long-term. We offer a wide variety of classes as well, and every class is new and different, so you’ll never get bored. At Kaia Fit – Granite Bay, our classes include cross-training classes, barre classes, Yoga-Pilates, a TRX workout program, and other cardio workout classes. Sign up for our group workout classes and Kaia FIT nutrition program today to start out right on your new path to wellness.

Making the Most of Your Downtime in Granite Bay

Just because you aren’t at the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay on track with your fitness goals! An active lifestyle is essential to optimal health. The next time you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, check out these waistline-friendly activities in Granite Bay.

  • Miners Ravine Trail Loop. Located near Granite Bay, Miners Ravine Trail Loop is a 7.5-mile paved loop perfect for walking, running, biking, inline skating, and more. The scenery is gorgeous, and the loop features a picturesque creek, a playground, and more.   
  • Sutter St. Located just a short drive away in Folsom, Sutter Street has lots of interesting things to see and do from antique stores and museums to restaurants and the Johnny Cash Trail. This area is perfect for spending an afternoon walking instead of sitting!” 
  • Granite Bay Beach. The length of the season and the types of recreation available are determined by the water level at Folsom Lake. In general, this is a great spot to soak up some sunshine and fresh air while swimming, boating, kayaking, and other fun ways to stay active. . 

We Can’t Wait to Hear from You!

At Kaia FIT, we welcome women of all ages and all fitness levels who are looking for a fun and challenging way to meet their goals. Our womens fitness programs are designed to take advantage of muscle confusion and a supportive atmosphere to ensure maximum results. We focus on both the physical and mental aspects of health and fitness and believe that our community of women achieve more because they work together and encourage each other on a daily basis. If you’d like to join the Kaia community and improve your life, contact Kaia FIT today.

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